In order to provide API request analytics and prevent abuse, Cobalt requires that you authenticate all of your API requests with a valid key.

You can access your unique API key from your dashboard.


Each API request you make requires that you either set the Authorization header to your API key, or alternatively specify the key URL parameter with your API key.

For example, in order to find information about Bahen (080), you can call the building API with the following header and URL:

Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY

Or, to avoid setting any headers, you can also specify the key URL parameter instead. Following our example, your request would look like the following:

Here is the server's response, using either of the methods described:

  "name":"Bahen Centre for Information Technology",
  "short_name":"Bahen Centre",
    "street":"40  St. George Street",
    "postal":"M5S 2E4"