GET textbooks/filter

Returns a list of textbooks that match specified filters.



key (required)
Your unique API key. If you do not provide this, you must set the Authorization header to your API key instead.

q (required)
The filters to be applied, specified in the filter query format. Each filter within the query can be joined with either an AND or an OR.

For numerical filters:

  • No operator indicates equal to (eg. edition:3)
  • > indicates greater than (eg. price:>30)
  • < indicates less than (eg. price:<1)
  • >= indicates greater than or equal to (eg. edition:>=2)
  • <= indicates less than or equal to (eg. price:<=200)
  • ! indicates not (eg. edition:!1)

For string filters:

  • No operator indicates contains (eg. title:"Organic Chemistry")
  • ! indicates not (eg. author:!"Meyer, Stephenie")

Examples of filter combinations:

  • price:>500
  • edition:5 AND price:<60
  • author:"Queen"

limit (optional)
The number of results to return, up to a maximum of 100 per request. The default value is 10.

skip (optional)
The number of results to skip. The default value is 0.

sort (optional)
The sorting procedure to be used on the returned list. A + followed by a parameter implies ascending, and a - implies descending. You can also stack procedures, separating them with a space: +id -edition. The default value is +id.

Filter keys

The following is a list of all filter keys that can be used in the q parameter.

Key Type Example
isbn String isbn:"9780024089403"
title String title:!"linear programming"
edition Number edition:1
author String author:"Kolman"
price Number price:<=100
course_id String course_id:"CSC108H1F20169"
course_code String course_code:"MAT137"
course_requirement String course_requirement:!"required"
meeting_code String meeting_code:"L0101"
instructor String instructor:"D Liu"

    "title":"Engaged Buddhism",
          "S Henry"